Natural hazards a summary in english

Natural hazards is an increasing risk globally. A global framework to help cities worldwide improve their disaster risk reduction work (DRR) and resilience to natural hazards was signed in 2005, the Hyogo Framework for Action.

It aims to support local DRR work through exchanges, a platform to share knowledge and a self assessment tool, LGSAT. A campaign, Making Cities Resilient, was launched in 2010 to further support the local DRR work.

Jönköping Municipality joined the Making Cities Resilient campaign in 2012, and is now one of 9 Swedish cities or municipalities to participate in the campaign. The Swedish cities, together with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and other Nordic cities, organise two network meetings annually. The topics discussed are current projects and incidents, in order to share knowledge and experiences. Jönköping has also taken part in an EU Exchange of Experts with Austria 2012-2013, regarding risk management and risk analysis, focusing especiallt on land slide risks.

Jönköping is currently, 2015 -2016, participating in an exchange with UNISDR, Portugal and U.K regarding a new and improved self assessment tool. Previous exchanges and work has given useful knowledge and insight in the work in both other Swedish municipalities facing similar challenges as well as international experiences to be used in Jönköpings work.