Insect hotel at John Bauer park

Our insect hotel at John Bauer Park is a welcoming place for all kinds of ground based and airborne guests. Like beetles, dragon flies, butterflies and bees.

Welcome to our hotel

Our rooms are custom designed to meet the specific needs and wishes of our guests. We offer both single rooms and suites in wood, sun-drenched sand, or gravel. We can accommodate a diverse range of visitors who wish to spend the entire winter with us or even take up permanent residence.

In the immediate vicinity we offer a variety of adapted activities and access to meadows with an array of flowers and plants that would appeal to even the most fastidious of pollinators.

Enjoy your stay!

Initiatives to promote biodiversity

Throughout the area we have initiated a series of measures to aid the proliferation of wild pollinators and other insects that make a valuable contribution to the ecosystem and in doing so preserve and promote biodiversity.

The meadow is a culinary treasure trove for insects

A meadow filled with a wide variety of flowers is an ideal source of food for insects, thus helping them to survive and flourish. We have worked the ground, sown seeds, and planted an assortment of shrubs and flowers. The meadows are managed by clearing away old leaves, twigs, and branches in the spring. After blooming we mow the meadows and leave the cuttings to lie and shed their seeds for a few days before collection and removal. This allows ecologically valuable plants to multiply and regrow.

Our insects can build nests at the hotel

To ensure insects can live close to the meadow and spend the winter there if necessary, we offer a range of nesting sites. Different insects need different habitats. Some want sun-drenched sand where they can create tunnels, whilst others prefer dead wood where they can set up home in the crevices and hollows. There is a sand pile (known as a nesting bed), an insect hotel furnished with reeds and bricks, as well as wood where we have drilled holes varying in size.

What can you do?

Insects are crucial if the human race is to survive! By pollinating plants, insects ensure we have a continuous supply of fruit, vegetables, and cereals. Meadow flowers and nesting sites are necessary if our vitally important insects and pollinators are to continue to exist. A great deal of meadowland has been abandoned, become overgrown, or disappeared due to alternative land use and construction. This poses a threat to many insects as the distance they can fly is limited. You can help by building small insect hotels, scraping away the ground to expose bare earth, or sowing seeds from domestic hayfields.