About Rosenlund mansion

Rosenlund's mansion is located in Jönköping and is built in Gustavian style in 1788 by Gustaf Mauritz Posse.

Mauritz Posse was a judge in Göta Hovrätt, Jönköping and his wife Gertrud Ehrenpreus was the daughter of the owner of the Huskvarna weapons factory. Posse was very interested in agricultural households and he was part of a group that developed several modern agricultural properties around the Jönkköping region. At the time, Rosenlund's mansion received a lot of attention and was described as a model farm.

The building belonged to the Posse family until 1894. Then it was sold to deputy district chief Gustaf Lindman. Jönköping municipality took over the building in 1936. During the years 2015-2017, the old manor building was carefully recreated step by step. Today, Rosenlund's manor is used in many different ways; civil marriage and naming ceremonies, cultural events and for internal conferences within Jönköping municipality.

About the rose garden

The Rose Garden Story

Rosenlund Rose Garden is beautifully situated in the grounds of Rosenlund Manor, just a stone’s throw from Vätterstranden beach. The Manor was built in 1788 by Gustaf Posse. In 1820, County Governor Hierta described the building as “nestling amidst beautiful plants and gardens”. There was also a school garden at one time.

In the late 1970s, the Rose Garden was added to the east of the Manor, followed in 1993 by a perennial garden lined with an assortment of shrubs and perennials. Between 1997 and 1999, the Rose Garden was given a complete makeover by the Jönköping municipal landscape architect Björn Kalin. In 2007 and 2008, the park was enhanced even further with the addition of more rose beds and trellises. Work on Posse’s Park behind the Manor has continued into 2020. Renovation of the former stables will commence during the summer or autumn.


The Rose Garden boasts around 600 varieties of roses, both oldfashioned and newer shrub
roses, climbing roses, groundcover roses, wild roses, and polyantha roses, all enclosed by low
box hedges. Each variety of rose has a name sign. Checks are made continuously and any
sub-standard plants are removed and replaced.

Clone archive

The clone archive for Småland cultivated roses is now complete. The work took place in collaboration with POM, Sweden’s National Programme for Cultivated Plant Diversity. It includes 36 selected varieties.


The Manor is surrounded by trees, including beech and hickory. The park area also has many different types of trees, including walnut, Caucasian wingnut, katsura, American yellowwood, magnolia, Antarctic beech, Charlottae crab apple, and Cornelian cherry. The path
leading down to Lake Vättern is bordered by rhododendron bushes and ancient oaks.


The waterlily pond forms part of the perennial gardens, a beautifully composed array of shrubs and perennials. There are several species in each bed. All the plants have name signs in Swedish and Latin.

Peonies run along both sides of one of the footpaths, mainly common garden peonies, but also a few varieties of tree peonies.

A clematis area with custommade trellises was laid in 2005. More clematis were planted in 2013 to climb among the roses lining the rose arch.

Summer flowers

The area is adorned with floral urns containing mediterrenean plants such asagapanthus, agave, and giant mallow. There is also a large olive tree. Every year, around 30 different dahlia varieties are planted in the flower beds at the southern end of the park.

You will also find spring and summer blossoms in Posses Park, in the elevated flower bed. There is a perennial flower bed along the wall.

Works of art

Standing in the middle of the Rose Garden is a bronze sculpture by Sonja Katzin entitled Sun Singer.

Guided tours (May-Sept)

We offer following guided tours (May-Sept):

Rose walk

Join us on a walk in our award-winning rosarium where you will learn the history of the rose
garden from the first sod to how it looks today. You will learn about the history of the rose and we will tell you about some of the 550 different varieties of roses growing in our garden. When the roses are in full bloom, you will be greeted by a a fantastic rose scent already outside of the rose garden.

Kvinnor som promenerar i rosariet

Historical walk

We take you on a historical tour in Rosenlund Manor where you will hear about the history
of the Posse family and the reconstruction of a 19th century building. The walk continues out
into the 18th century Gustavian park, where we tell the incredible story of how the Posse park
was brought to life.

Rosenlunds mansion.

Park walk

Welcome to a walk in our beautiful park area. During this walk we will tell you about the exciting history of the place and the construction of the garden. We will tell you about the buildings, the rosearium and Posse´s park from the 18th century, also known as ”The Hidden Garden”.

Posses park.

Information and booking

Each guided tour takes about 1 hour. The maximum number of people per group is 25. During summertime we open up our picturesque summer café situated in the manor right infront of Posse´s park with the amazing veiw over lake Vättern in the background. The café offers hot and cold beverages, icecream, sweet pastries and sandwiches.

Guided tours and coffees need to be booked 2 weeks prior to your arrival. For reservations or
requests, please contact Rosenlund Manor on weekdays, 8-16, by phone (+46) 36-10 53 90 or by e-mail rosenlundsherrgard@jonkoping.se.

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Welcome to Rosenlund mansion and rose garden, which is beautifully situated in an old cultural environment near the Vätterstrand in Jönköping.

Roses and Rosenlund mansion.